Chess Lessons From a Tutor in Murray, Utah

The chess author Jonathan Whitcomb, living in the Salt Lake Valley, is now offering private and group lessons in the royal game. Inquire at the Utah phone number shown below or by email contact. Whitcomb is the author of the book Beat That Kid in Chess. Although that book is for the raw beginner, he can tutor students of a wide range of chess skills, including tournament players rated over 1500 by the United States Chess Federation.

Chess Lessons – Locations

  • At your home (if in approximately the central area of Salt Lake Valley) or:
  • At a library in central SLV or:
  • At a public park in central SLV

How Much do Lessons Cost?

The standard tutoring charge is $25 per lesson, which usually last an hour (a small child may have difficulty with a session of a whole hour). No transportation charge is added unless the location is many miles from Murray, Utah. The first session, however, is free; it allows you to judge how chess lessons can benefit you.

Age of the Student

Whitcomb has instructed persons of many ages: adults, teenagers, children. The desire of the student is most important: What the student wants to accomplish in chess. Age makes little difference in how well a person can improve in chess playing abilities.

Goals of This Chess Teacher

Jonathan Whitcomb encourages the organization of free chess tournaments in the Salt Lake Valley, for players of all ages and skill levels. He hopes that these tournaments will be both USCF-rated and non-rated competitions. (Rated tournaments require membership in the United State Chess Federation.) He welcomes participation from various chess clubs and schools in Utah.

Whitcomb encourages mental exercise, and chess is a fun way to strengthen the mind and improve concentration. Like some of his associates in chess competition, he believes that concentrating on playing the royal game can even potentially increase a person’s life span.

He also encourages players to meet others who enjoy playing chess. The social benefits of human competition cannot be matched by just playing with a computer.

after tournament early in 2016

A friendly ending of a chess tournament in Salt Lake City early in 2016



Salt Lake Valley Chess Tutor

He [chess tutor Jonathan Whitcomb] can teach a student of almost any age and playing ability, and this includes players rated up to 1500 by the United States Chess Federation.

Guidance from a qualified chess tutor in Utah

The chess-book author Jonathan Whitcomb, of Murray, Utah, now offers his expertise in chess instruction to residents of the Salt Lake Valley, especially the central communities closer to Murray.

Chess tutoring in Southern California

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